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Snow Balls - Ball Games

Andie M Long


Snow BallsTyler Turner has lived at home in comfort since birth. It's Christmas Day and his twenty-fifth birthday and he's just about to open his money gift from his parents ..

Dear son,
You are dear to our hearts and we love you. Happy twenty-fifth birthday. However as previously forewarned it’s time to stand on your own two feet. Please take this letter as your Eviction Notice. You have three months until the twenty-fifth of March to secure new accommodation for yourself. Obviously if you decide to purchase, rather than rent, then as long as we can see the sale proceeding, the date of eviction can be lengthened accordingly. We, your parents will assist with this as much as possible. If you would like us to accompany you to look at properties or help you get a mortgage, you only have to ask.
The cheque should cover you for a month or two’s rent or contribute towards legal fees.
We look forward to watching you on your next adventure as an adult.
Much love, Mum and Dad.

As Tyler gets over the shock it becomes a competition between Tyler and his mother Dora as to whether he'll stay or go. Friend Lindsay is on hand to help him until the offer of a promotion means she may be leaving too. Will Tyler grow up in time to make the right choices or will Jennifer Lambert and his gaming equipment continue to distract him?

*Complete with British/Yorkshire slang guide as an added bonus to teach you some new rude words ;)

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The Review

This is exactly what I needed after a weekend of been ill and feeling sorry for myself. Saturday I had to leave the signing early so I didn't barf on anyone so I needed cheering up and my gosh did this book do just that! Andie just has a way with words that with me being British myself I just get straight away! The fact that it has a glossary to help those who are from outside the country is a major major bonus point.

In snow balls we get to meet Camilles older brother. Well, what can I say, he reminds me so much of a lot of young British lads still having mum do his washing, ironing,feeding him. I see my son being exactly like this in many years to come. I completely love this family, it totally resonates with me and the Laugh Out Loud moments had my hubby giving me the strangest of looks and me having to try and explain what was happening, “He's not a booky he totally wouldn't understand”.

This book managed to get me out of my book funk, which is exactly what I needed right now. Andie just has this way with words that jumps out at you, I love her way of writing and can't wait to get stuck in to Balls Fore next.

After reading Balls I've suddenly turned into a novella junky and that's all thanks to this amazing author who manages to capture you in such a small number of pages! After reading I feel like I've accomplished so much and have managed to lose myself in such a small amount of time.

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Posted on: 6/25/2016 - Posted by: Francessca Webster

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