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New Balls Please - Ball Games Book 3

Andie M. Long


New Balls PleaseDora Evans is annoyed that her family are ignoring her while she’s in bed ill. To teach them what life would be like without her she absconds on a weeks break to learn how to play tennis. Partner Tim has had enough of Dora’s behaviour and to the surprise of daughter Camille and son Tyler, refuses to bring her home.

As the week goes on and tempers settle, Dora decides to read up on being a more submissive housewife and how to allow Tim to make the choices. In the meantime, Tim reads Dora’s Alpha books to see what her ideal man would be.

When Tim does collect his wife the Alpha meets the Submissive woman. Will they continue to make a great team or is this match about to end?

One way or another Tim’s going to need New Balls Please.

The Review

HILARIOUSLY FUNNY! I loved Camille's mum and dad right from the offset of this series and I have to say they have not disappointed in this book at all!! Mum ran away to centre parks; you can tell the authors been here it was so precise and realistic. They actually stayed in the same villa as us (*Wink *wink).

Andie's writing is incredible! A British author with an amazing way with words, she is truly inspirational woman. This series is a must for anyone wanting a laugh out loud read, be sure to check out the authors British/Yorkshire slang index. Andie brings the reality of fifty shades of grey to anyone's post it marriage! My all time favourite quote has to be "Here I'm basically going to fuck hard-boiled eggs." this gives you an insight in to how comical Andie's writing is.

I love how Andie jumps from POV's in this story, it adds true depth to this novella. A romantic comedy that is well worth the read. One click now you will not be disappointed.

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Posted on: 12/17/2016 - Posted by: Francessca Webster

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