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Love Grows In Alaska - The Washington Triplet Series

Michelle Lynn


Love Grows In AlaskaBeing the oldest Washington Triplet hasn’t been easy for Marisa Washington. Labeled the “good one” at a young age embedded the burden she strived to build true. She graduated at the top of her class, never caused her parents trouble, and even settled down in their hometown of Chicago with her college boyfriend.

Her life was “perfect”, at least in the eyes of others. But when her mom unexpectedly dies, Marisa’s eyes open for the first time. She leaves her boyfriend of four years and takes a job in Alaska to gain the freedom and individuality she’s craved. After all, what would she gain by sticking around Chicago? She discovered her perfect family isn’t so perfect, and everyone she cares for left her.

Starting a new life in Anchorage, Alaska, she’s unable to escape her family’s hold when her dad’s wedding announcement comes a mere six months after her mother’s death. Attempts to contact her sisters, in order to face this together, are unsuccessful, leaving her feeling even more alone.

Her family issues have to be pushed aside when her employer sends her and three others to a team building retreat in King’s Gate. It’s the last thing Marisa wants to do, until everywhere she turns, she finds…Zach Greer.

This is one out of three novellas in The Washington Triplet Series.
All novellas can be read as standalones and there is no sequence to read them in.

The Review

Michelle Lynn has done a fantastic job here another well written story with some hot scenes. The Washington Triplet Series is so refreshing and works so well. Reading three different stories from three different authors all about the three separate triplets, it's fantastic!

So in this story we meet Marisa; the good girl, the girl who always does what's expected of her. She breaks free wanting to not be that girl any more. Marisa is self concious always aware of her previous experiences of been manipulated and crushed by her previous relationship. She meets the HOT Zach Greer and soon falls head over heals for him. I loved Marisa's character however I found her more difficult to relate to as I never do what's expected of me always the opposite!

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Zach also has his own issues however they seem to compliment each other making everything just fall in to place perfectly. Zach ensures that Marisa grows in to the flower that she is and Marisa give Zach the strength to believe in himself.

I also love the other characters side story (Libby and Wes) that was entwined I would LOVE to read about their story! It was a great addition to the book.

Another great addition to The Washington Triplets, now on the Melissa Rolka's addition Love Found in California.

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Posted on: 9/29/2014 - Posted by: Francessca Webster

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