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Interview with KE Osborn

KE Osborn


Interview with KE Osborn1)When did you first start writing? What encourage you to start?

I had a vivid dream about a three car pile up where a man and woman meet for the first time. I woke up and wrote down the scene not really knowing why. The next day I got up and typed the scene on the computer and the next thing I know, I had written a book. That was Octoober 5th 2012, an I haven't stopped writing since.

2)What has been your best and worse experience so far?

The best would be receiving fan mail and people thanking me for making them happy with my words. Knowing that the worlds I create give people enjoyment is definitely the best feeling in the world. The worst is the endless promotion you have to do, it takes up so much time and I would much rather be writing.

3)In off your rocker? Are any of the characteristics based on anyone?

Not really, they were all created from fiction.

4)How did you come up with the storyline for off your rocker?

All my storylines come from vivid dreams that I have, and Rocker is no different. I'm blessed to have such a wonderful creative world happening in my head while I am asleep.

5)What has been the best compliment you have received so far?

Any complments are the best! But every 5 star read obviously makes me ecstatic.

6)What has been the one thing that has encouraged you to write?

The fans, when I started receiving fan mail from people who read The Trust Me? Trilogy telling me they enjoyed it and couldn't wait for my next book- that made me realise that I love writing so much and if it is making people hppy then I am doing my job right.

7)Who inspires you the most?

This is a tough one, I have two answers, the first is my Mum. She is an amazingly supportive person and without her love and guidance through this process of becoming a writer, I would more than likely never have hit that publish button. The second is E L James,she brought me into the world of Contemporary Romance and even though a lot of people don't rate her very highly, I don't think I would have gotten involved and loved reading and writing as much if it weren't for her.

8)And what bit of advice would you give to someone starting out?

Make sure you have all the appropriate numbers for tax etc when starting out. Nothing worse than uploading a book only to fine out you're missing things you need to be published legally. The other most important thing to remember is to just keep writing, even when you don't feel like it, just keep on going, the more you write the better you will become.

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