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Girls Breaking The Rules Shelby - Breaking The Rules #3

Kelsey Burns


Girls Breaking The Rules ShelbyMeet Shelby; feisty, flirty and redheaded, she’s the object of desire to both boys and girls . . . which is fortunate, as that’s where her interests lie.

Openly bi-sexual, there isn’t much that can make this fashion photographer blush. Though her sexual exploits are legendary, beneath the bravado, her life isn’t quite as fulfilled.

Meet Eleanor Murphy, striking, blonde and beautiful, she’s the fire station’s newest recruit. When the pair meet, chemistry can’t be denied, but will Eleanor be another notch on Shel’s bedpost, or could she be the one to light the way?

Join Shelby, Tash and Lex for the heart-stoppingly sexy and amazingly entertaining conclusion to Girls Breaking The Rules.

The Review

So first of I'm already a huge fan of this series as it gives you something different! It has that refreshing feel about it. I was never really a huge fan of novellas I felt that by the time I got in to the story it was over but this was different and was the reason I also went on to try Andie M Long’s latest release Balls.

Kelsey Burns manages to capture an amazing storyline and character build without the time of a full length novel, this in my eyes makes her writing style unique. I adored Tasha’s and Lex’s story but I have to say Shelby’s was by far my favourite, she certainly saved the best for last! Shelby was the outcast in her father's eyes and was shunned for her sexuality! She never gave in or up what truly made her who she is, a sexy, feisty individual with a passion for muff diving!

Kelsey’s sex scenes are off the scale hotness! It isn't your same old mundane routine, you can feel the passion, the need, the drive of the act. It's not a wham bam thank you mam! It's the type that gets you hot under the collar and wanting to put the book down to go and cool yourself down *wink wink*. Kelsey manages to make the characters so real and raw with emotion that you feel like you are there with them.

Kelsey has come so far from book one in this series of novellas, she really has outdone herself with the finale of this series! I quick hot under the collar read without losing any of the story! A highly recommended read!

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Posted on: 3/6/2016 - Posted by: Francessca Webster

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