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Ready For Flynn - Part One

KL Shandwick


Ready For FlynnWhen Martin Darsin invites his bad boy roommate Flynn Docherty home for the Thanksgiving holiday no one is ready for the journey that follows. The undeniable attraction between Valerie and Flynn is palpable but with the barriers they face will Valerie ever be ready for Flynn?
Valerie Darsin was loved and cherished by her brothers and boyfriend. Her small town world was happy and secure until a sudden betrayal forced her to flee. Returning home, Valerie found support in Flynn Docherty-a guy who left her with unfamiliar feelings when he disappeared from her life. Valerie learned to move on, until a life-changing event brought Flynn back, but was she ready? Has she ever been Ready For Flynn?

The Review

5 star read without a shadow of a doubt, all consuming novel ... housework what's that? Dinner ... burnt!

This is the first book I've read by KL Shandwick I hadn't know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. I had started three or four books recently but just couldn't get in to them with my busy schedule I find it difficult if something doesn't grab me in the first few chapters to keep on as my to do list with my new business just keeps growing. However with Ready for Flynn I made time, Valerie now holds a special place in my heart, I even dreamed about her and Flynn!


KL Shandwick captured my heart with Valerie she reminded me of my own teenage state crushing on that older guy that everyone told you would be no good for you .... ha ha I married him and am still with him 13 years later, so I was routing for this pair from the off however I was not expecting the heart ache along the journey! I mean of course a few falling tears when reading always happen but full on crying for THREE chapters that just doesn't happen to me!!! The authors writing was perfect in capturing the emotions and making you feel as if you was there holding Valerie's hand through all the pain you wanted to be there and hold that young teenager and tell her everything would be ok!

I can not wait to get started on book two Valerie is beginning to turn in to an extremely strong character. I have a huge thing for strong female lead characters and I haven't met one in over three years, they usually never live up to my expectations! I'm so excited to have fell in love so much with another strong female character!!!!

However if Flynn breaks her I'll break his god damn balls!! And KL Shandwick your in trouble come the York signing!!!!

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Posted on: 2/22/2018 - Posted by: Francessca Webster

- K.L. Shandwick Says...

Thank you so much. Glad you enjoyed Flynn. X

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